Monday, April 27, 2015

Saucy pug's tail Ace of AOSHQ finds itself wagged by Rod Dreher's Big Narcissistic Bunker Option dog

Is It Time to Formally Separate America Into Two Or More Sovereign Countries?

Really? That time already? I thought it was only about time to knock off from work.


No, that's clearly crazy talk, you drooling imbecile, either from someone so deep in self-loathing and despair that the neurons will no longer fire or someone cynically desperate for those blog hits the cute cat and dog pictures aren't generating anymore.

Here are a couple of questions, genius.

How will the nation be divided in two? Rock, paper, scissors? Size of National Guard armories? You'll pull the different states out of a hat personally?

On the anniversary of the Armenian genocide, how will the transfers of loyalists between the two final new sub-Americas be made? Peacefully? As hostages to be bartered for further internecine concessions? Multiple Trails of Tears marketed as CrossFit for the whole family?

Look in the mirror, Ace, you astonishingly stupid remnant of a man. The problems the right has may be more home grown than we care to admit.

These sorts of deformations you're spitting up - no, sorry, you're not that original; the sorts of deformations Rod Dreher is spitting up and you're merely derivatively licking off his chest - are the retroviruses of conservative thinking.

Crap like this will really drive the undecideds to the ballot box, won't it: "Hurry, Martha, oh, we so want to be sure and get a good state!"

Or maybe this is just a case of conservative problems handily converted into some sort of utterly unserious BuzzFeed fizzy pop rocks blog filler to keep the kids entertained until their parents get home, like those adorable kitty and doggy pictures.

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