Friday, March 9, 2007

"Offer it up"

In an alphabetized list of ways to release souls from purgatory, inlaws comes shortly after indulgences. Possibly directly after.

Something to keep in mind. Of course, if you have inlaws it means you are one, too.


  1. I resolve to offer up my extreme distaste for use of the epithet "tribal catholic" whenever someone with an irish or italian surname says something of which shea/welborn, and the acolytes thereof, don't approve. i also resolve to offer up any unhealthy satisfaction i take in the affirmation of my belief that certain converts to catholicism have an inflated sense of their own understanding of their adopted religion, even while putting themselves forward as "experts" in said religion.

  2. LOL. Juvenile behavior is tailor-made to offer up, esp. when it's exhibited by non-juveniles.

    There are many people of our generation, unfortunately, who believe that being "outsiders" means they "can see things that matter more clearly." If only this were true.... and they could stand outside themselves. Then we might see some real improvement in the care they take in formulating their, errrr, great insights.

    As a Catholic convert myself, I see primarily that the Catholic Church is God's gift to me, and only secondarily am I a gift to the Church. Furthermore, millions of Catholics have suffered and given their lives so that I might receive this gift. Most of those folks were born into Catholic families, they were not adult de fide converts. I am in debt to this grace and I shall die in debt.