Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Real Mother of a Blowout

Somehow to my strange brain this pertains to the whole arguing-about-the-liturgy-thingy. I was playing this in my head on the way to work and I thought, "Dude, that has got to be on youtube by now." And of course, it is.

Amen to NO KANGAROOS. If there is anything that bothers me about Vatican II it's the refusal of the council fathers to explicitly condemn the illicit use of kangaroos in the liturgy. Sure, it's fine for those down-under Catholics, if they must. I'm ambivalent regarding the Mariachi bands as long as they only perform Gregorian chant.

More trivia(lity): I remember in college humanities class I laughed during the showing of The Agony and the Ecstasy when Chuck Heston fell off the scaffolding. A bunch of people turned and stared at me... well, it was funny, wasn't it? Come on, nobody got hurt for real, gee whiz....

But regardless, "mother of a blowout" does kind of describe the Mass in street lingo, kind of Hip Hop for O Sacrum Convivium. What it is, yo.


  1. I know one parish where the kangaroos are the most reverent worshippers in the congregation.

  2. Well, I'll grant that the Kangaroos -- along with Mantises and T. Rexes -- always look more recollected than, say, the chimps and polar bears. The carismatic chihuahuas are a different story....