Saturday, May 26, 2007


This is so wrong. And so funny. My pick for the best is #4 because of the "hairdo".

Funniest is the hate mail page. I'm so jealous. My faves:

I think u should die u stupid geek that is so mean to the cats its not funny its just plain mean I feel so sorry for the cats close this site down or die
- Dominic from Philip Morant School in Essex

I myself think this site is a disgrace.:( Hitler killed everything living thing there was and he would kill these cute cats if he was still here. Thank you.
- Rockell

Wow, Dominic wants people to die. Sign him up for the Kitty SS.

Sieg meow.


  1. Hilter was an animal lover.

    He treated animals much better than people.

    It's an especially weird thought that he'd kill these cats if he were still around. Like he was some kind of evil god (as opposed to a one-testicled cowardly douchebag).

  2. If you enjoy Kitlers, thought you may also be interested in our cartoon series about Hitler as a cat, which you can catch on YouTube:

    "Cats of Death"

    Love them cats!