Sunday, July 15, 2007

Raymond Arroyo's WSJ Piece on Summorum Pontificam

Check it out.

The pope's decree also underscores for Catholics the origins of the new Mass and the continuity of the two rites. Pope Benedict tells his bishops that as a result of his decree, "the celebration of [the vernacular Mass] will be able to demonstrate, more powerfully than has been the case hitherto, the sacrality which attracts many people to the former usage." By placing the two Masses in close proximity, the pope is hoping that the new Mass will take on the sensibilities of the old. The pope is betting that sacrality and reverence will win out over innovation and novelty, no matter which rite people choose.

There are inevitable problems: Many priests today simply don't know Latin. But they can learn it, or at least enough of it to get through the Mass. The movements of the traditional rite can also be gleaned from older clergy and from groups like the Fraternity of St. Peter that offer intensive instruction in the ritual. Just as the laity have grown accustomed to the incessant hand-holding and hand-shaking that make the Mass look like a hoe-down, they will learn to embrace the gestures of the old liturgy. Parishioners can actively follow the Mass using a Missal, which usually provides side-by-side translations. Listening with attention will be required. But who said worshiping God should be effortless?

I loved that last line, and I know Cube will as well. "But who said worshiping God should be effortless?" I suppose if it was, raising kids would be effortless as well. But that's a dream, not reality. And as someone once said, "No ideal becomes reality without sacrifice."


  1. Not to mention paying attention to Mass with kids. (:-)

  2. Hey, Pauli! When you get a chance, could you add Dreher's latest Mahony Bash to your Bash Watch-List? Not that I'm a fan of Cardinal Mahony...far from it; I can't wait for the Holy Father to get rid of him.

    But, as Jonathan has pointed out, this is what? Dreher's one millionth Mahony Bash? And meanwhile he steadfastly refuses to devote remotely that much attention to the increasing problems in his own communion (which he persists in mischaracterizing as "financial" problems only).

    When it comes to his own newly adopted communion, Dreher's "nose for news" is pinched shut with a non-crunchy plastic clothespin.

    When it comes to Anything Catholic, OTOH.....