Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Dispose the day, bro"

Happy St. Crispin's Day, all y'all.


  1. Nice clip Pauli. For the effort and talent Kenneth Branagh showed in that movie, he should have won the Academy Award for Best Actor or Best Director. He also had a varitable who's who of the English cinema. Brian Blessed, Ian Holm, Derek Jacobi and even Paul Scofield shines in this masterful update of the Bard.

  2. I'm going to get it on DVD at some point. It rocks. I heard Laura Ingraham play the sound from the speech last year and I thought "Whoooooa!" Beautiful.

  3. Indeed! It's one of those moments when you realize and/or discover how superb WS was. Not overwrought nor wordy, as he can sound sometimes, in lesser hands. Branagh infused every syllable with passion and meaning. I was sure he'd rewritten the speech to sound modern, but no! - he just spoke it magnificently. Thanks SO much for the reminder!!