Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day

And having said that, I direct you to an interesting "Litany of Nonviolence", even though the guy calls it a "liturgy". A priest I knew used to call this kind of stuff "para liturgy" (as in, "Yo, dude, I don't DO para liturgy, all right?")

Anyway, this guy is some kind of soldier-against-the-war type, I read something of his on Sojourners. I got a huge kick out of the prayers directed to Karl Marx, Ziggy Freud, Chuck Darwin and Maggie Mead. And Gautama Buddha is mentioned alongside Saint Mother Teresa as a fellow "fountain of compassion". Good grief! that Buddha guy just sat on his fat ass staring at his navel! Some fountain; at least Mother Teresa practiced compassion every fricking day by actually helping poor and sick people.

Near the end we have Our Lady addressed as an "unwed mother". Finally Our Lord shows up at the finale. That's kind of a twist; usually He is addressed before the saints. Of course, usually Al Einstein isn't mentioned at all.

On the other hand... uh, no... words fail me.


  1. Happy Veteran's Day to you, Pauli. It is about as funny as Dreher not mentioning Veteran's Day and using his blog to bash Bishops.

    At least he did not write his umpteenth post bashing Cardinal Mahony.

  2. Well, yeah Jonathan, but bashing Mahony is somewhat more excusable than bashing George.

    When I read that Jason Berry article I shook my head. You have the word "pedophile" -- which is at best 95% inaccurate -- inserted in brackets by Berry, the whole "guy was staying at the cardinal's MANSION" non-event, the context-less coffee & donuts incident, mention of a Red Mass in Michigan which is related how? Other than, for some reason, liberals have a big problem with the Red Mass because it turns out that some lawyers are Catholics.

    Reading between the lines it's easy to see that Berry doesn't like George because he's "conservative" and Dreher doesn't like him because he's a member of the Catholic hierarchy.

    Trivia: Veteran's Day is also me mum's birthday, although technically she was born on Armistice Day.

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