Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gift Idea: Hilarious T-Shirt

Not too politically correct. Oh, well.


  1. LOL! :-D

    I'm sure that someone with a stick up their nether regions will whine about how mean the shirt is...

  2. I think it's funny.

    As far as being in bad taste, I find it much more palatable than the David Horowitz's group was selling at their site a few months ago: "Iran Wants Nukes? Give 'em to 'em!" with an accompanying picture of a mushroom cloud.

    Laughing at female suicide bombers is okay in my book. Laughing at mass murder? You've lost me...

  3. Andy, I agree. The whole nuke/joke thing is worn out. A lot of "conservative t-shirts" make me cringe for that reason -- they're not really funny except in a kind of unsophisticated way. Even worse are "Christian t-shirts" with horrible strained corporate rip-offs like "This Blood's For You" & "Jesus will cure your Achy Breaky Heart" which make me cover my ears and run away screaming "NOOOOOoooooo!!!"

    Susan is referring to the "Canada: America's Hat" t-shirt which to us barely registers on the "mean meter" and only offends those easily offended on slow news days.

  4. OK, the t-shirt at the link did make me laugh out loud.

    But then, so did the America's Hat one.

    This one's even better, though.


  5. I loved it. However, if you are going overseas say to England or Denmark; it would be like painting a giant bullseye on your shirt.

  6. I agree that the "nuke 'em" jokes are dumb and uncalled for. And don't get me started on those lame Christian t-shirts. Gah!

    I still think the "America's hat" shirt was amusing (although admittedly silly) because it tweaks the many Canadians who have a stuck-up attitude towards Americans. Sometimes stuck up people need to be taken down a peg.

  7. My friend is in the printed t-shirt business, most of his stuff is really tasteful. A few push the envelope. He has always pointed out to me that of all the people who like the designs of the more "offensive" shirts, only a fraction will purchase them. And he surmises that only a fraction of those sold are ever worn.