Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Leila Lawler on the USCCB's Strange Attitude toward The Golden Compass

Good, humorous analysis. Is that redundant? Favorite excerpt:

Third, they only lamely attempt to rouse themselves to the demands of their job description (supposing they have one):

“To the extent, moreover, that Lyra and her allies are taking a stand on behalf of free will in opposition to the coercive force of the Magisterium, they are of course acting entirely in harmony with Catholic teaching.”

Way to throw in a useless statement, Harry and John! My friend Patricia suggests: "To the extent that Stalin loved his country, he was, of course, entirely in harmony with Catholic teaching." See?

My take: I do think the USCCB could have done a better job of "splitting the difference" between saying the film is harmless and siding with the wild-eyed, screaming boycott crowd, which is what it seems like to me they were attempting. But by standing to close too the "harmless" pole they are just invigorating the screamers.

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