Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ironic Juxtaposition

Over at a site called Libertarianism is compassionate there is a post with the fraudulent headline "Ron Paul Supports Mary Ruwart for President". For the 99.9% of you who are clueless as to who Mary Ruwart is, she is a published writer seeking the chance to be the latest Libertarian candidate to not be elected President in November.

If I were on the Ron Paul campaign, I'd be a little miffed at this projected endorsement even though Paul knows her and has endorsed her book. Ron Paul has served in congress for years and has long since left the Mickey Mouse Club. He has spurred serious interest, raised serious cash and is currently running as a major Presidential candidate in a major party.

However, the author of this post, "Fred", then states something even worse about the supporters of Ron Paul when he writes the following:

I know many Paul supporters are hoping John McCain chokes (literally or metaphorically) before the Republican convention and Paul ends up with the nomination.

Literally? Really? Immediately after reading this I looked up at the title assertion again, Libertarianism is compassionate. Yeah, OK, sure. But we'll obviously have to take your word for it, Fred. Actually I don't know any Ron Paul-ers who wish ill on John McCain. I'm sure there are probably some. If he "knows many", that reality no doubt goes along with the territory of the small circles in which he travels.

But I think it's more likely that this is pure projection on his part. One of the positive results of the Ron Paul campaign's successes will hopefully be to mainstream Dr. Paul's good ideas while pushing out the more angry parts of what Mr. Compassion calls the "liberty movement" off the Bircher cliff. Metaphorically, of course.

Disputations Tom will have to let us know whether this is ironic or funny or both.

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