Friday, May 2, 2008

There ain't no "black church", y'all!

And here's the proof, dog. This takes a while to watch, but it is worth it. This man is a fabulous communicator.

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And since he seems to have a kicking sense of humor, I should point out that he is articulate and clean to boot. Hat tip 5 feet.


  1. Slightly off-topic, but...I just saw this priceless line at Little Green Footballs:

    "I did not have spiritual relations with that minister"


  2. LOL. Good one, Diane. I supposed many lives have been, uh, "touched" by Mr. Wright.

    That reminds me, my friend and I used to laugh at this weird religious art poster in a Franciscan retreat house on the South Side of Pittsburgh. It read "You have touched me, and I have grown!" and it had a picture of a flower in a flower pot. I don't know if that place is still there... it was called "The Burning Bush" and they had 24/7 adoration there. The monstrance was in the shape of a burning bush, which I'm sure would have caused some traddies to scowl, but I thought it was cool.

    The early Fathers saw the burning bush as a symbol of Our Lady because God spoke from within the bush and the bush wasn't consumed by his presence. They said "hey, that's like Mary's perpetual virginity." Those bead-bangers.

  3. "white people can't give you anything that God can't give you"

    that pretty much sums it up.

    this video almost makes me more depressed about politics. this guy will never run for anything, and why? we need people like him. instead we get milquetoast. or McCain. unfortunately those of the liberal mindset run to politics like moths to a flame, because they have nothing else to fill their pathetic meaningless lives but an endless egocentric search for power.

  4. I saw this the other was great! Kathleen is right, we need more like this guy.