Thursday, July 16, 2009

Comment of the Week (so far)

In a new post entitled "Michael Jackson on Fire", Rod splains how you can hardly blame Michael Jackson for becoming addicted to perscription drugs.

I cannot imagine enduring the pain from this burn. The poor guy. If you think he was just some sort of dope fiend, imagine having to live with the pain from this thing, and what risks you would take to achieve deliverance from it.

I'll leave it to my wise readers to decide whether or not the title "Michael Jackson on Fire" is designed to generate web hits. But you've got to feed the beast, and Beliefnet is a beast. Anyway, my favorite comment comes from Phreeque Showe:

Phreeque Showe
July 15, 2009 6:15 PM
And no doubt going so close to the bone created his desire to own the Elephant Man's skeleton. And the connections between our biology and that of other primates created the whole Bobo the Chimp situation.

Priceless. I'll bet a really smart person could tie many things to Michael Jackson's hair cathcing fire, possibly even 9/11. At least it provides us a little break from the even more cartoonish world of the Sotomayor hearings.


  1. It's hard for RD not to relate to MJ, both being "working boys" and all.

  2. pauli, I never considered that: 9/11 as a gigantic re-enactment of the MJ pepsi incident. obviously al qaeda was making a point with multiple layers of meaning, and like RD, strongly identified with MJ the working boy as yet another victim of American commercial culture, embodied by Papsi.

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  4. Soooooo. let me get this straight. Rod had to leave the Catholic Church because of pedophile priests. (Of course, Ortho pedophile priests have no similar effect on him, but no matter.)

    Yet he has nothing but sympathy for freakazoid pedo MJ....wha'????

    I am so confused.

  5. In my mind, I had originally heard the French pronunciation of "Phreeque", i.e., "freak".... I was just thinking of how the Spanish pronunciation, "free-kay!" would be even better.

  6. Phreeque Show is a great name for the crunchy con blog. (if i were a crunchy con i would add a "methinks" at the end of that sentence)