Monday, July 27, 2009

Why can't Ron Paul scrape this stuff off his shoes?

A hat-tip to LGF for this Ron Paul update.

The Ron Paul presidential campaign organization has changed its name to the Campaign for Liberty. They seem to be campaigning for the liberty to demonstrate their insanity. Here are some examples of what you can learn on the Campaign for Liberty website.

Here's a page called The History of Satanic World Banking. It says

"The following history of Satanic World Banking leaves out the current Tax Free Trust Fund Contributers of the Lucis Trust aka The Lucifer Trust that
educates worldwide on how to be the best Luciferian one can be . . . if by best,
we mean worst, that is . . .

"The Lucifer Trust is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and recognized
by the Tri-Lateral Commission as well as the United Nations . . .

The LGF piece also mentions that the nut doctor who posted a photoshop of Obama as an African witch doctor, Dr. David McKalip, is connected to Ron Paul.

These folks are bat shit crazy and they just seem to gravitate to Paul. It seems to me like he allows it go on and possibly even encourages it. I wish he'd be bigger than that and pull down the flusher. At least he should hire someone to police the website of his organization.


  1. Oh my gosh. I just unfriended a dude on Facebook (my first and only unfriending) who was into this stuff. He was virulently anti-semitic, a 9/11 truther--the works. When I objected to his anti-semitic ravings, he sent me a private message, charmingly subject-lined "Clueless": "The Ashkenazi Jews aren't semites. Go read a book." LOLOLOL!!!

    This dude, alas, is Catholic. Looks like he's trending Orthodox, though. Why are these nutcases so often either rad-trad Catholics or Orthodox? Very strange.

  2. Update: My friend Mike Liccione just unfriended this same guy. Turns out this guy told Mike that (a) Israel is a terrorist state; and (b) Mike, my friend, who runs the Sacramentum Vitae blog, is a "liberal Protestant." LOL!!!!

    (Mike's blog, brimming over with liberal Protestantism, is at

    There sure are a lot of nuts on the Internet. Present company excepted, of course.