Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I See Blind People

Letterman's jibe to Obama, "How long have you been a black man?" humorously highlights a conundrum I was pondering yesterday. If Obama's recent drop in the polls is due to race then it's obvious that those supporters now deserting him did not realize he was black previously. Now they've opened their eyes and are horrified—"My God... he's black!!"

This is possible, I suppose, because we've been told many times by the left that skin color isn't enough to be a true member of the black race, ideology is also a key component. If you doubt this, just google sharpton kinfolk skinfolk. So following this line of thinking, maybe people knew that Obama had black skin, but they thought he wouldn't be as "black" in his ideas. The following video may help clarify this, or maybe not.

Of course, this is all very, very silly. Tolerating a diversity of opinion should surely be a greater goal than the admiration of diverse skin colors in any society. This is precisely why Obama has distanced himself from the race card playing—at least officially.

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