Thursday, April 22, 2010

Historic low for "trust in government" poll numbers

My previous post linked to a piece in Investor's Business Daily stating that only 22% of Americans polled favor a Value-added Tax be implemented. Now I'm looking at Dan Henninger's "Democrats at the Edge of the Cliff" article in WSJ and he's pointing out the record low in public trust of government, also 22%.

I don't think this is a coincidence; I think this 22% represents the same people.

There are some more ominous numbers in the last 2 paragraphs:

A Quinnipiac poll released yesterday has the Obama presidential approval rating down to 44%—after health care, after the arms treaty with Russia, after the 47-nation, anti-proliferation convocation in Washington.

He insists on more government. People want less, and don't trust what they've got. They want reform. Here's the Pew blowout data:

In 1994 when the Democrats lost over 50 House seats at mid-term, the party's favorable rating was 62%, and for the Congress they controlled it was 53%. They still got killed. Now the party's favorable is 38% and Congress's approval is 25%. The Republicans' numbers are low, too, but they're not in charge.

The Democratic Party is on the edge of an electoral cliff with a long fall to the bottom. No wonder they're seeing a demon under every bed.

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