Saturday, November 5, 2011

Occupy Oakland in Photos

I can't believe that this Occupy movement has been going on for this long and this is the first visit I made to Zombietime for his excellent photo coverage of Occupy Oakland. He's a truly skilled photographer documentarian who always gets the most pertinent footage by embedding himself within the protests.

I mean, who wants to see pictures of police hitting a guy who asks for it? That happens everyday, thankfully, but it's sort of boring. Or, what about photos of cute protesters? Go to a Russian Bride site for cuties, for heaven's sake. Zombietime captures the essence of the movement from the inside actually exposing the audience to it. Pictures like this one with the man's comments really do speak a thousand words:

Even more disturbingly, all over the camp were signs that said 'Not a toilet,' because some occupiers basically relieve themselves wherever and whenever they feel the urge. Disgusted campers started putting up signs so that their particular tents wouldn't be on the receiving end of any effluvia.

The entire page is long but worth it and ends an update on the teargassing the city was forced into complete with video and news links. I don't know if mainstream outlets don't want to show drug use, buckets of human filth and words on like shit and fuck but how else can you really capture the zeitgeist of the Occupy Movement?

"Slurp up the banality of existence with a krazy-straw of resistance." Is the Krazy Straw a symbol of consumerist enslavement? Is this a failed chant committed to writing? I'll let you decide.


  1. I hope the scrotum-inflation guys from Berkeley made it down to Oakland. They are always a crowd (and Zombietime) favorite.

  2. Fortunately not. We didn't get to see the "Breast not bombs" ladies either.

  3. I thought Zombietime was a female. Maybe I am just confusing this person with the Zombie who posts at PJM.

    Jammie Wearing Fool has some pretty good OWS stuff.

    Been down to Occupy Cleveland? I've thought about wandering down there, but this thing I have called a life, keeps getting in the way.

  4. Oh, maybe Zombietime is female... I know that everything is cross-posted at Pajamas Media.