Saturday, November 19, 2011

They need louder horns

Just imagine if you had a really loud horn, amplified through a cop-PA system, and you just laid it on. Maybe that would fix these people. Of course it might just rile them more. And I hate scraping occuposers off my car.


  1. Just now finally watched this video.

    The extent to which city governments have indulged this crap is simply beyond me, including in my fair city. I'm sorry, OWS, but those streets and parks and public places are not yours alone -- they belong to all of us. It is not speech to block traffic. It is not speech to camp in parks. If you are arrested for doing those things, it is not a 1st amendment violation. Get over it.

  2. Back in my dad's day, the gear heads used to rig their cars up so you received a massive shock if you touched the body or anything metal on the car. Sort of like a taser. That would also be a good deterrent--watching your friend twitching around because he just decided to occupy a few thousand volts of electricity.