Monday, February 27, 2012

You can't make this up

What an amazing story. Let me tell it "Pauli-style".

There are a bunch of really scary people out there. They are called "Islamophobes". They actually think that those nice Muslim people are a bunch of wife-beaters or even killers. Can you believe that?

So along comes an investment banker named Muzzammil Hassan. He is living the American dream, living in upstate New York and rolling in the dough. All those horrible Islamophobes are probably jealous of his success in business. And good old Mr. Hassan, prompted by his lovely wife, decides to help set the record straight on Muslims by starting a television network....

Bridges TV, a pioneering television network that seeks to challenge stereotypes of Muslims and create understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Now, sadly, Verizon has decided to drop Bridges TV. Maybe it's because those vicious Islamophobic Americans threatened them. I'll bet that's it! Or... maybe it's because...

Last year, [Muzzammil] Hassan was convicted of murdering and beheading his wife in 2009, six days after she had filed for divorce.

During the trial, Hassan claimed he was a battered spouse and the victim of rumors spread by his estranged wife. Jurors, however, convicted him in less than an hour; a judge sentenced him to 25 years to life in prison.

Either way, it is very sad that this happened since it will only serve to reinforce negative stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. Perhaps the jury was Islamophobic and did not understand Mr. Hassan's customs and traditions.

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  1. Want another good one? That Christian pastor sentenced to death in Iran is a sign that *Christians* are fearful and intolerant. linky