Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moonage Daydream, Part II

Newt Gingrich is our man! Go Newt!!!!

NEVER MIND the $10,000 he once offered to Texas Governor Rick Perry. Mitt Romney’s best bet to win the Republican presidential nomination is Newt Gingrich’s ego.

Since Iowa, Gingrich and Rick Santorum have been fighting for the right to take on Romney as the one and only true conservative in the 2012 contest. The trouble is, they are still fighting each other.

As of Tuesday, it’s a tougher case than ever for Gingrich to make. He has only two primary victories, one in South Carolina and one in his home state of Georgia. What’s his rationale for staying in the race after losing to Santorum in Alabama and Mississippi? If the cause is conservatism, there is none. But if the cause is Gingrich, that’s a different story. As long as Gingrich looks in the mirror and sees a serious presidential candidate with Secret Service protection instead of an entertaining speaker on the banquet circuit, he will continue to divide primary voters to Romney’s advantage.

Keep going, Newt! I mean, at this point you have more than twice as many delegates as Ron Paul and John Huntsman COMBINED! The campaign will make it to the moon in no time.

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