Saturday, August 4, 2012

Local news about the "Kiss In"

Here's an article about the so-called "kiss-in" which went on yesterday as a protest against Chick Fil A, or so I've heard. I've included the excerpt about one of the two locations close to me in my own town of Fairview Park, OH. The other one is in North Olmsted, OH on Great Northern Blvd which had an enormous line of traffic on Wednesday evening which wrapped around onto Brookpark Road about 15 cars long. That was Chick Fil A appreciation day which I'm fairly sure was probably much better for business all around. Also probably better for digestion on the part of the patrons.

More typical was the Chick-fil-A in Fairview Park, Ohio, where only a trickle of protesters could be found during the lunch rush, including one man who into the restaurant with his fist raised and said, "Support marriage!"

"It is just an average day for us, pretty typical," said Patrick Tate, operator of the Fairview Park location. "There have been some supporters and some from the other side."

Phyllis Harris, executive director of the LGBT Center in Cleveland, said the controversy does have an upside for her organization's goals.

"It is allowing people to have their say. It keeps the issue in the public view and you can see folks standing up for marriage equality," she said.

As for demonstrating, she said, "We are not going to participate as a group. We are going to focus on work here. What happens, happens. We are not against Chick-fil-A."

Reminds me of the wise, old Pennsylvania Dutch saying: "Kissin' wears out, cookin' don't."

Also I was thinking that Chick Fil A should come up with a really, really spicy hot sauce and name it "Sodom and Gomorrah Judgment Sauce." That would help keep this thing going for longer and provide even more great publicity. My guess is that most of the most vehement angry supporters of so-called marriage equality don't eat fast food at national chains anyway. So this thing has mostly been a huge win for the company. And normality.


  1. I got some food at the North Olmsted CFA around 7:45. There were no longer cars on the street, but I had to drive once around the building before I could even get into the drive-through line. There was also a long line of people out the door. It was kind of fun being down with the struggle. :)

  2. Barb! you are awesome. We have to get our families together sometime. I mean, God, we live so close. I've probably cut you off on the freeway all the time.

  3. LOL! You very well might have. Thanks for the compliment. Would love to get together with your family some time.