Friday, October 19, 2012

How to use your WiFi SSID to promote your message

Made this short how-to video with Camtasia Studio. Except I don't know how to upload this in HD. So you'll probably have to blow this up to full screen to see how it's done.

Free speech, baby, YEAH!

I thought about this after eating Chinese takeout tonight. Two of my sons got the same fortune in their fortune cookies and we all had a big laugh about it, especially since it was grammatically incorrect. Suddenly I imagined some moderne chick sauntering into a Starbucks with her brand new iPad and deciding to hook it into the WiFi there. So she goes to the Setting page, turns on the WiFi option and immediately sees the phrase Abortion is Murder staring up at her. Maybe it's because I just read that big piece on Randall Terry in the Weekly Standard. I mean, the guy is a complete nut, but he's freaking Beethoven at what he does.

UPDATE: OK, you can watch it in HD, just click on the "gear" shaped thing at the bottom and select 720p-HD. Obviously a fast connection helps facilitate that.

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  1. Somebody in our neighborhood has his WiFi named FBI Surveillance Van.