Friday, May 3, 2013

Another guy talks about going home (literally and figuratively)

When you have an hour or so, treat yourself to a conversation with Justice Thomas.  He describes his Catholic education including his time in the seminary, his Catholic faith, his embracing of his family's values after having "eschewed" them and his long-felt desire to go home to Georgia, what happens to blacks who openly disagree with the opinions of the "elites", and much much more.

His stories about what the nuns taught him and the other children at an all-black school in a poor part of Georgia are heart-warming and touching (especially the story about the nun he visited recently at the retirement center).

Justice Thomas has been a hero of mine for quite awhile now.  Whenever you have the opportunity to hear him speak at length on CSPAN or wherever, I recommend it.

The media have described him since his confirmation as unqualified. They obviously have not heard him speak (nor do they care to) -- but not to worry, he understands why, and he says so in this conversation.


  1. Speaking of television...

    "For all its terrific reviews, Little Way has not been embraced by TV media, which means its sales have been respectable, but modest. It’s disconcerting to me to hear and to read the incredible response from people who have actually read the book, and to see that the overall sales figures are not commensurate with that enthusiasm."

  2. The interview I linked to was apparently interpreted by at least one left-wing race hustler as a "race hit on President Obama". No kidding.

    I didn't see that one coming, but I guess I should have expected as much.

  3. And, speaking of Little Way...

    - Duck Commander rises to No. 11 while Ruthie Leming disappears entirely from the NYT. Guess it's not just TV.

    - not only are the natives restless, the back yard locals aren't too happy with Rod either

    - and Amy Rogers' 3 star review may just about explain it all

    Still, it's "a pretty book".

    Bubba: the asterisk on the end of your link is keeping it from going through.


  4. Thanks, Keith. Your link merited a whole post. I read Amy Rogers review and commented. I'll probably give the book 3 stars as well.

    I have mixed feelings about the declining popularity of the book. If the thing just dies it might be better for Rod's soul. The book really is an awful mess. OTOH, it illustrates perfectly how self-contradictory his worldview is, so part of me wants to see people reading it.

  5. Thanks, Keith. The corrected link is here, and I'll probably have more to say in the thread Pauli started.

  6. Most of the above about Dreher's book sounds like jealous resentful sour grapes from small petty minds.

    1. Given the record-breaking speed in which a Dreher book, any Dreher book, manages to make its way from galley proof to Dollar Day remaindering table, I'd say the crowd of small, petty minds jealously fighting over those resentful sour grapes tends to include the majority of any potential Dreher readership.

      In fact, I'll let you in on a secret. If a publisher has screwed you or one of your authors over for some reason, one of the best forms of revenge you can take is to talk up Dreher and his agent to your contacts there.

      Wonder why takers for the Benedict Option book are so scarce now? Yes, you're right: jealous resentful sour grapes from small petty minds. Or maybe fear of bankruptcy. You decide.