Friday, June 14, 2013

Photos from the Filming of Captain America 2

I am so awesome that Marvel decided to shoot scenes from the upcoming Captain America 2: Winter Soldier movie just a block from my house. The Lorain Road Bridge--better known as the "Green Awesome Bridge" in my family--is the scene of some heavy stuff. But I couldn't stand around all day, and the place was filling up with whiners, for lack of a better word. I did get some shots of a dude on a motorcycle dressed like Captain America, but I assume it was a stunt double and not Chris Evans. Still, sort of cool shots. I had to be about 200 feet or more back and I used a 300mm zoom for these.

UPDATE: More awesomeness!

Chris Evans did show up later around 7:00pm, and my kids having camped out for almost 2 hours got some autographs. Here he is signing my son Gideon's hand.

Chris Evans seems like a really nice guy. He had come over to sign a bunch of autographs earlier, so I cynically thought "He's done, he's not coming back." But he did, and he signed tons of stuff. The kids were in their glory, even as I was getting a bit bored. Here's an autograph on the back of our copy of The Avengers Blu-ray.

Chris was also signing the back of these Captain America shield pins with a standard Sharpie marker. Kind of an amazing feat I thought, but I guess stars have a lot of practice. Just about everybody had one, even Justin, our 1-year-old.

I liked this, too, it's basically a model of a fighter jet that they were holding against the giant green-screen. Seemed cheesy, but I suppose they'll just edit out the dude's hand.

The good folks from the Emerald Necklace Inn were serving making sure no one dehydrated by setting up a tent and serving water, lemonade, and soft-drinks and were being very generous with parking spaces.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures! I look forward to the movie.

    Jonathan Carpenter

  2. this kind of counts as today's "view from your table".

  3. i mean "view from your awesome table".

    1. Unfortunately "awesome" is a meaningless word now. We've destroyed it by using it to meaning what "cool" used to mean. So now cool can go back to meaning 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit but if you say the hurricane has awesome power people are going to look at you funny.

      Of course, the word "saint" has a more fluid meaning in some circles as we've observed.

    2. "view from your table of awesome"

      sounds more awesome

  4. Some of the filming went on literally underneath Mr. BTEG's office windows downtown. He did see Samuel L. Jackson and possibly the guy playing the Winter Soldier, but with the face covering it was hard to tell.

  5. Welcome, visitors from Comic Book Movie!" Thanks for including my pictures. Great pictures by Joe as well -- I think I saw him -- he had a huge telescopic zoom. I had lens envy.