Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Not an ostrich

Recent insinuations that I don't take serious problems in the Catholic Church seriously are perplexing to me. My first instinct is to link to some previous posts which should make the point that I'm not being some kind of head-burying ostrich.

Tom's and my remarks on Pope Francis "hysteria"

St. Ignatius School in Cleveland assigns crap for summer reading

Leaving no doubt I think Faithful Citizenship is garbage

Georgetown: A Lapsed Catholic University?

Dr. Jeff Mirus ponders formal excommunications

Weigel on the "Bernardin Era"

Do we really need so many Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist?

Cleveland Micro-schism

Bishop Aquila corrects Pelosi's distortions of Catholic teaching

Father Michael Phleger wigs out in Obama's church

But if you don't really have time to read a bunch of boring old posts, I offer this one to you. Ed Peters on the "perpetual state of collapse." It may shed some light on my attitude. I hope my posture is one of resolution and recollection and not shrugging stoicism. Feel free to contest this as always, using libelous "ad hominem" arguments and vuvuzelas if necessary.


  1. Yeah, but you've also published pieces about good things the Church has done.

    1. Oh, you mean the even more boring "dog poops on sidewalk" stories. Yes, I do some of those amid the music videos.

  2. Way to miss the point AGAIN.

    For the umpteenth time: attacking Dreher for criticizing stuff in the church when he's making fair points (and not obsessing on them) makes you look petty and ridiculous. You guys need to get over Dreher, you're beginning to make him look like the reasonable one.

    1. and I would genuinely hate to see that happen