Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hold the Mayo

My two takeaways from this piece on Ed FitzGerald's continued freefall. First, Nina Turner's absurd "bottum-up" remark:

"The best way to build a house is not from the top, but from the bottom," said the state senator from Cleveland. "When you go to the polls, vote from the bottom up."

Right, because voting is soooooo much like construction work. We're staffing the house, Nina, not building it. And no one wants a chamberlain chasing the chambermaids.

Secondly, I had to love this comment from The_Irish_Independent:

Both Ed Fitz (County Exec of Cuyahoga County) and Joanne Grehan (CEO Mayo County's Local Enterprise Office) have been DROPPED from the upcoming Cleveland Mayo Bash.

New AGENDA has been put up on line here -

That's sort of like the Vice President and Speaker of the House not being invited to the SotU speech.

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