Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oh, too funny

Well, readers, the overachieving Topix post titled Rod Dreher is on the cover of the latest Greater B. R. Business Report has just flipped to page 17 where we find Sistah Raccoon being hunted by wild-eyed villagers angry at her "dumb-ass lexicon". This jab from someone named amazingly runoverracoons must have really scared the crap out of our dear sister.

YOU are the one making a fool of yourself. If I saw you in the middle of the road, I would speed up, Raccoon. You think you are funny. But I think you are a disgrace to your community.

Whoa! Sistah had better watch out. She also was awarded the grade of "F" by Observer which I'm afraid sounds like a very officious, er, I mean official title.

I have a funny feeling that all the scorn coming from these righteously indignant folk are playing into Sistah Raccoon's hands, er, paws I mean, and she actually be enjoyin' the back-n-forth. Just a funny feeling. I'm not complaining; I confess I'm enjoying it, too.


  1. Did you notice a new critter, bruddah muskrat, throwing in his 2 cents. Hmmmm.... wonder who dat?

    1. As in: Who dat sayin' they gonna beat dem Saints? ;)