Friday, January 23, 2015

Effete Elite conservatism vs. "Happy crazy hair smiles"

Sistah Raccoon is at it again. I think I'll just post her entire communiqué to the good people of St. Francisville, Louisiana. I will even include her signature remark to Baby Raccoon with which she always closes these missives.

Well I understan now why you peoples have all them famly conflicts down there in you deep dark woods. Lil Ray he be talking about you all a time. All a time. He even lead off he whole big new magazine article wif a rehash a Lil Ruthie an all her faults. Lil Ray say he say

"Years ago, when my wife and I first committed to homeschooling our kids, we caught hell from my sister, a public schoolteacher. Most of her objections were familiar to us, and we had answers for them. One we didn’t see coming, though: her utter lack of sympathy for our interest in a pedagogy that focused on the classics of the Western tradition.

This surprised me because my sister was a conservative, like most people in my hometown. My conservatism is primarily cultural, social, and intellectual. Hers was also cultural and social, but it was more temperamental than intellectual. In fact, though my sister was a math instructor, and a good one, she had a reflexive disdain for intellectualism. She saw it as an effete indulgence at best, at worst a rationale for exploiting the common man. For her, the culture war was really class warfare—and her brother was on the other side of the trenches.

It didn’t matter that I had forgotten more political theory than she ever knew. What mattered was that I was a city dweller who shopped at Whole Foods and didn’t care for Sarah Palin’s style of politics. That marked me out as a traitor to the tribe."

Now I dunno if Lil Ruthie ever did any such thing at all mind you. Jus what Lil Ray say. Poor Lil Ruthie dead now. Can't say for herself no more.

So the conflict mus be Lil Ray he be a "elite conservative" save by he Dante sav and he internet life style who be "forgotten more political theory than she ever knew" while a res a you folks watch that Duck Dynasty and smile you happy crazy hair smiles. An even wif you WFHS an all. No wonder you need you Lil Ray Dante Sav Benedict Option Healing Center. Heal you right up.

Peoples an they airs. You ain't nothin but a Raccoon Baby an don't you ever forget it. Thats right Baby. Good enough

There is a lot here for all you wild creatures of the forest to feast on.


  1. I had meant to mention something about this when Pik first posted about it under the Open Comment thread.

    His leading off a major magazine piece with this sort of sneering resentment coupled with the last most recent posts are leading me to wonder whether the boy is bipolar/manic depressive, or just huffing nitrous straight out of the tank like Dennis Hopper in that movie. Either way, a strong projection of cardiac-bursting belligerent invincibility - the diametrical opposite of the mope-a-dopes that were the reason behind the Dante book.

    Frankly, I'd love to see what's in this dude's medicine cabinet beyond Ambien.

  2. Poor Rod Dreher. His problem is that he just cares too much:

    Yesterday I was talking to my therapist about a situation giving me grief right now. He said, “Why do you still let yourself get involved in those stressful conversations?”

    I thought for a second, then said, “I guess because I expect justice.”

    Oh my. That's the self-promoting blog version of "My greatest weakness is that I work too hard".

    P.S. Oh yeah. Charles Featherstone's modern day equivalent of The Divine Comedy is out, as you can see from Dreher's post. Dreher digs it, especially because of nuggets like this, I'm sure:

    When there has been no real love in your life — and my wife has another such story, for being a pastor’s daughter means little — then the most important question you will ever ask, and you will ever want answered, is “will someone ever love me?” It may be tawdry and sentimental and demand little from far too many comfortable folks who fill churches (though to be honest, so does supporting the troops and opposing abortion and loving Israel, mostly because such things as political postures require little discipline or sacrifice, and they don’t really form people in the image of Christ — and this is true also of mistaking the welfare state for the Kingdom) . . . . (emphasis added)

    I'll pass.

    1. Oh wow. What condescension!

      I guess Featherstone doesn't like us plebeian little people and our petty bourgeois concerns.

      I will make sure that I avoid any books that "Lil Ray" recommends. They would be too high highfalutin for me.

    2. Stick with us, Oengus. We are as lowfalutin as a double cheeseburger at Mickey Dees.

  3. See if you can find much difference between Dreher and Sean Penn's Willie Stark in "All the Kings Men." I cant. Jonathan Carpenter

  4. Nothing displays Dreher's yes-I-did-just-reach-back-between-my-cheeks-and-sell-you-the-first-thing-that-popped-out attitude toward his public than placing himself as a professional blogger within that celestial space occupied by "elite" conservatives communing with high culture like Dante - as a self-help book.

    This is a chambered nautilus's Fun House of Nested Meta Irony.

    Wonder where Dwight MacDonald would have place blogging as a profession within his cultural spectrum?

    While we're at it, enjoy the fact that many of you with college age kids are paying out the wazoo to have them taught the humanities and such by just those avid commenters on that piece who never wondered once about such irony.

  5. Read through Sistah's stuff during lunch. Laughed my head off.

  6. Oh dear. "Lil Ray" has made it into the big league now with an essay at First Things.