Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Will they even make it to step one?

I might be pleasantly surprised and the Democrats might take the 12-step plan to recovery as advised by Emil Henry. But I very much doubt it. Maybe a few will. Excerpt:

4: This step requires brutal self-reflection, taking fearless inventory of all the actions that led to the Democrats’ electoral humiliation. Examples might include: an examination of why the lawmakers ignored abuses of power such as the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservatives; illegitimate executive orders; and bogus accounts of the Benghazi murders. Above all, Democrats must reflect on their role in the enactment of ObamaCare, with all the Congressional Budget Office gimmickry, legislative shenanigans and crony giveaways that got it passed.

5: Democrats should openly admit the exact nature of their wrongs. Begin with the spending binge that left the country $18 trillion in debt; finish up with how the Harry Reid -led Senate ran interference for the president, and for Democrats in tough re-election fights, by burying hundreds of bills passed in the House.

6: To shed their main defect—the tendency to perceive America as the problem—Democrats should spend some time on the road examining what alternatives to free-market capitalism and the rule of law look like. Mandatory stops include the Middle East, where real wars on women are waged, and the eurozone, where economic stagnation from years of tax-and-spend liberalism is on ample display. Also on the itinerary: Cuba, Venezuela and, sadly, too many other places to mention, where central control or its first cousin, socialism, produces a certain kind of income equality—across-the-board misery.

Step 11 is also worth emphasizing:

This step calls on Democrats to meditate and pray for the wisdom to internalize these steps and the strength to remain on a path of recovery. The lawmakers should look for inspiration in the example of others who found the strength to shed their former liberal compulsions: Ronald Reagan, Condoleezza Rice , Rudy Giuliani and Phil Gramm.

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