Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TAC's Wick Allison blames American Freedom Defense Initiative for Garland shooting

Nothing goes public from Wick Allison's D Empire without his express approval, so when one of his bloggers asks "Who Can We Blame for This Garland Shooting?", we know what Wick Allison wants the world to think, that the shooting was the fault of the "hate group" American Freedom Defense Initiative rather than the Muslims who pulled the trigger.

Wick Allison doesn't live in Garland, Texas, by the way, or even in Dallas, Texas. He lives in Highland Park, Texas, a little town exclusively for the very wealthy near Southern Methodist University, a place usually referred to with well-deserved contempt as "The Bubble". The Bubble is ferociously protected by its own well-manned police force, even to the extent that if you appear to be Hispanic and your truck doesn't contain at least one lawn mower and leaf blower, you can expect to be stopped and questioned. Within the cocoon of their Bubble, Wick and Christine Allison have little to worry from either ISIS-inspired jihadists or even any other humans at all not of their hue and station.

Wick Allison, the Obamacon money man and CEO behind both TAC's pro-Putin Daniel Larison and anti-Catholic Rod Dreher and the jihadi apologist FrontBurner blog. William F. Buckley must be sneering.


  1. Don't forget to mention Gillea Allilson, Wick Allison's leftist Obamabot daughter. She is probably the one who forced ol' Wicky to support Obama. I'm guessing that he's used to getting pushed around by females. Just a guess.

    1. Check out her twitter feed. Hoo-boy. Tell me that can't have an affect on the sort of stuff "The" "American" "Conservative" covers.

      Maybe the selective timidity is selected by somebody else. Maybe it's enforced timidity.

    2. Pauli, let's not succumb to the unwarranted assumption that Wick Allison ever had any particular principles beyond putting eyes on published pages, conservative eyes when those were ascendent, liberal eyes now that his home turf has turned royal blue and Pat Buchanan's magazine has turned bi-curious.

      This is why Dreher fits so perfectly into the TAC scheme: he shares Allison's P. T. Barnum to a T.

      There is no more perfectly modern, tradition-free consumable to be marketed to a herd driven only by feelings and psychological sensibilities, whether in the steampunk trappings of ancient religions or the rooting for the underdog yearnings of Dreher's gay-liberal flock, than Rod Dreher, and Allison is as fortunate to have him to publish now as he was to have Buckley back then.

      Assuming Allison might be compromising something to appease Gillea assumes he ever had something to compromise to begin with.

    3. Assuming Allison might be compromising something to appease Gillea assumes he ever had something to compromise to begin with.

      On this point, I remember something Andrew Ferguson (Weekly Standard) said about liberal media bias:

      It's not a conspiracy, it's a consensus.

      Most likely, publishing pieces like this is not to appease someone, but is instead just the product of groupthink. It's just how they all think.