Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rod Dreher's Benedict Option: #HashtagChristianity

If you're discussing Rod Dreher's newest parasitic project and doing anything other than mocking or criticizing it, even in the most irenic, elliptical terms, you're not following Christ Jesus, you're following this guy,

L. Rod Drebbard, #HashtagChristian

your very own L. Rod Drebbard, founder of that newest online cult sensation: #BenedictOption

Congratulations! You're a trendy new #HashtagChristian.

Rod Dreher isn't going to lead you to "fix the churches";  this is an indoor kitty who would be hard pressed to fix a flat tire. And, frankly, any problem you perceive probably isn't with your church, the problem is more than likely with you passively trying to consume your church and your religion as if it were a reality show on your TV set or another cat video on your computer.

You know, the way you passively and thoughtlessly consume Rod Dreher as your new spiritual trail guide.

Wise up. There's already a complete, 2,000-year-old history of Who to follow and how to do it. One that doesn't need fixing.

You could even Google it.


  1. Dreher reminds me increasingly of *another* Rod ...


    1. One can lead a movement to save the Church from a collapsing civilization, or one can snaffle up every oyster in sight. One or the other. Not both.

    2. Wha? Footer bags?

      LOL!! Any Anon who loves Wodehouse is a friend of mine. :D