Sunday, September 20, 2015

China's War on Women

When it comes to a war on women, no one in our society can compete with the Chi-coms. Excerpt:

“We go in there and say, ‘Don’t abort your baby girl; she’s a precious daughter,’ and that’s the first time these women have ever heard that. They’ve never heard it. All they’ve heard is, ‘If you have a girl, abort her, she’s worthless.’ Which I think is also related to the female suicide rate. If you’re going to abort your baby just because she’s a girl, what does that say to you about your own right to breathe on this earth?”

More men than women and you're not allowed to leave. Sounds like the perfect way to grow an enormous army.

File:Soldiers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army - 2011.jpg


  1. That assumes the state can actually harness the vast millions-plus aggressive, horny young male differential. The armies could just as easily end up underground, organized, and criminal.

  2. I think it's creepy that the Chinese child in the photo has blue eyes. I know white babies are often born with blue eyes, but I didn't think it was at all normal for Asians.

  3. Reminds me of two things Mark Steyn wrote (in America Alone, I think):

    China will be the world's first gay superpower.


    China will grow old before it grows rich.