Friday, December 4, 2015

Freedom's Safest Place

A safer world means a place where the bad guys are scared and the good guys aren't. Unfortunately, liberals in government do the opposite, enacting policies which empower the "demons" and making the good folks second guess themselves. They limit the freedom of the good guys in ways the bad guys don't care about.

On talk radio the other day, I heard a woman wisely recommend an alternative to the ridiculous "Gun Free Zone" signs you see in commercial buildings. Did she suggest that a sign be posted that reads "A lot of us carry guns here, so watch out?" No, she said the signs should read "This building is under surveillance." A good person doesn't care about surveillance because they are in the building to obtain products or services, to make a deposit, to do their job, etc. But a bad person fears getting caught for what they are about to do.

If I owned commercial property there is only one way I'd post those no guns allowed signs. That's if I had a full walk-through metal detector to go along with them. The idea that these signs are any kind of deterrent is a very dangerous one.


  1. The statists will always look to apply new laws to the law-abiding because that is the easy thing for government to do -- policing the bad guys is hard and dangerous work -- and because it drives the law-abiding populace into the arms of the State.

    All people of good will, whether gun-owning or not,* should support the NRA, if only because the NRA is the lone non-ideological civil rights organization of any significance.

    *Disclosure: I was an NRA member long before I owned a firearm.

  2. ...because the NRA is the lone non-ideological civil rights organization of any significance.

    This is a really good point, not made often enough. Many on the left think of the NRA as a gun organization, but it is much more accurately understood as a dedicated 2A organization.

    If the ACLU were similarly focused on the 1A (and maybe that's the root of their problem, a squishy dissipation into a marsh of dubious new extra-constitutional "rights"), the current crybully scene on campus would look entirely different.