Saturday, January 21, 2017

Go to Canada already

Why hasn't anyone moved to Canada since Trump got elected. They said they would, but then they didn't. Promises, promises. Or empty threats maybe.

Just sayin' they're missing a million miles of fun eh.


  1. Liberals seeking to move to Canada because they are unhappy with the election results are finding that Canada won’t take them because its immigration policies exclude those who won’t contribute to the economy.

    One of the policies of President Donald Trump that has some Democrats claiming they want to jump ship is his pledge to limit immigration from people whose lives in America would be dependent on welfare. Trump promises “extreme vetting” before accepting immigrants or refugees.

    But Democrats looking to move from the U.S. to Australia, Canada and other wealthy English-speaking nations are learning that those nations already have similar policies.

  2. Most of the people talking about moving to Canada, but who are obviously just talking, are liberal Democrats with jobs.

    If you actually took the time to get to know people on welfare, you would discover that most of them are Trump supporters.

  3. Off topic, but just wondering: is this blog over? Done? Or just hibernating?