Monday, November 27, 2017

Unsubscribe Monday

Hey boys and girls, do you know what "Cyber Monday" is great for? Unsubscribing from all those spam or semi-spam emails you're getting.

I just unsubscribed from seven or eight emails. Usually these all come sporadically, so I just delete them rather than unsubscribing. But since everyone sends ads on "Cyber Monday", it is the perfect time to pull the spam up by the roots.

Feels good, man.

Just another tip from your buddy out on the internets.


  1. "Unsubscribing" to spam junk emails can actually be counterproductive and result in more junk emails. By sending an "unsubscribe" notice, you are in effect responding to the ad and confirming that yours is an actual working email address with an end-user who is paying attention and taking time to respond. In many cases this will result in you getting further ads from more people rather than actually being taken off some spam list.

  2. Thanks for the nudge, Pauli. I didn't do it on Monday, but I did some today. And yeah, it do feel good. Keep that inbox clean, people!

    To Emit's point (thanks!), I limited my unsubscribing to those senders who I'd bought product from previously -- which should be pretty safe, assuming they want to sell me things again.