Friday, March 30, 2018

Intelligent Man Destroys Concept of "White Privilege"

A courageous man.

It's just honesty. He admits that black people have access to services that white people do not. I do not begrudge him personally for any of this, though, because he is courageously promoting truth-telling.

LOL... "I'm handsome."


  1. Well, he *is* handsome! LOL!

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  3. Meanwhile in Dreherland: our Working Boy has put the BenOp into practice by spending the Paschal Vigil, the holiest and most important night of the year, a thousand miles away from his church and family so he can accept a book award about the BenOp. I know business travel sucks and is inconvenient sometimes, but this is approaching peak irony.

    1. Ugh. Why am I not surprised?

    2. Hey, everyone. Hope all's well with you and yours.

      Andreas provoked me to look at the Dreher blog for the first time in quite a while. That's the closest thing to a time warp I've experienced for awhile -- how very little has changed. There are complaints about mono-like symptoms, the unveiling of this year's Walker Percy Weekend poster, and the usual ain't-it-awful pieces with a couple of chest compressions on the fading BenOp. (Scrolling back, I did see there was a piece or two on the Muslim Benedict Option, as was predicted by many of us here.)

      In short, while I've missed y'all, I haven't missed much by not reading Dreher.

      Cheers to all.

  4. Hey, doing good here. Lot of stuff going on in the ol' real world. Coincidentally -- or not -- I checked Dreher's blog yesterday and enjoyed his pummeling of David Hogg as a young Robespierre, but as always, had to wince at all the little side remarks about how the NRA is bad also. I read something by Dreher about twice a year now, maybe 3x. The entire BenOp project has been such a flop (a BenFlop?) but many people over at his blog just don't notice.