Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Housekeeping, War, Etc.

I am currently contemplating a total change of focus for this blog. But I have to take care of a few housekeeping matters before I do.

The reason I am about to make a shift — and my Facebook friends know this — is that this Covington episode has really got me riled up. It is an event the like I have never seen before as far as being a test, as Michelle Malkin says a "Rorschach test", to determine if you belong on the side of sensible Americans or on the hate-filled left. I haven't really been surprised so far by any reaction to the true story, and I've only been slightly surprised at the level of cowardice to which the Diocese of Covington has descended in their tacit approval of the media's biased, condemnatory stance.

I am also pleasantly surprised that the parents are lawyering up and getting ready to level libel suits against media outlets for smearing their kids. Too many times in the past we've let the whole ugly machine roll over us.

I would be very happy to be wrong about this, make no mistake, but I have the feeling that this incident might be the beginning of the current cold civil war heating up to the boiling point. We have people on the right getting ready to fight in a very aggressive way against the unthinking mob on the left. And we have the left hunkering down, completely unwilling to apologize for willful blindness on this.

But I'm ready for whatever comes. That's my point.

I've got a post I need to do from before the election which I plan to get to tomorrow, then I have a payoff from this post which will be entitled How I am facing things head-on. Maybe with more caps... but that will be done on Friday.

After that. Get ready.


  1. On Jan 8th I posted this.

    I'm now feeling like a prophet.

  2. Am looking forward to the new direction, Pauli. Not only because it avoids the need to read Dreher's fire-hose output, but because I agree that the Covington episode is the intersection of so many issues today.

    Intersectionality (where are you in the power structure?), subjective vs. objective truth, the suppression of viewpoints opposing a narrative, and on and on -- all wrapped up in the context of abortion and thus sexual license. But even a larger question is presented -- whether the mere presence (if not existence) of a person holding disfavored ideas but doing nothing else constitutes an offense to order.

    I look forward to the discussions.