Monday, February 11, 2019

The Mark Shea Chronicles: Volume 3

A new feature on this blog will be The Mark Shea Chronicles. I've been noting the interesting things said by Mr. Shea for years, but I will be counting this post as The Mark Shea Chronicles: Volume 1 and this recent post as The Mark Shea Chronicles Volume 2. That means the post you are reading is number 3.

These posts will feature a picture, the text in the picture and a link. If they are Facebook posts then they came by way of one of my many friends who can read his posts; I cannot because I am "banned". Banning of course doesn't really work. In fact, if you forbid a number of people from sitting at your lunch table you practically ensure that everything said at your table will become public. Shea has 5,000 followers on Facebook and most of his links are public, i.e., available to read for anyone with a Facebook account which has not yet been banned. So no one can credibly complain about anything private being shared.

Anyway, without further ado...

Text: One politician believed her relatives growing up and thought she had Native ancestry. She has never been forgiven for this trivial mistake by the MAGA morons and never will be. They will be telling this exhausting, boring Pocahontas wheeze of a mockery long after she is dead.

Meanwhile, the Cult Leader and his larval douchebag son and all the rest of them laugh wildly about genocide of Native peoples without the slightest qualms and know that by next week it will be forgotten in the torrent of lies, sadism, racism, and cruelty they pour out in an unceasing cataract while Both Sides imbeciles say, "Warren proves that Dems are just as racist. There's no moral difference at all."

Conservative white Christianists have destroyed Christian witness for a generation.


This is a very interesting post and, although the part about Elizabeth Warren actually believing she was more than 1,024th American Indian made me laugh, I really think things he writes like this need to be taken seriously. We find all sorts of things in this post which point to how questionable his judgement on policy matters has become, not to mention his language.

Mark Shea calls Warren's claim to be of "Native ancestry" a trivial mistake. Really? Have you ever thought about suggesting to, say, a leftist college professor that anything about race or ancestry is trivial? I'd be prepared to be shouted at if you want to have a go. Just check out the link wherein some Cherokee Prof states that all these Indian jokes "further marginalize Natives". Incidentally, the professor does not sound like she is defending Warren for inviting all this.

In the next paragraph we have the claim that people who dislike both political parties would state "Warren proves that Dems are just as racist." Uh, hello? After last week I am pretty sure anyone who dislikes Democrats would say "Virginia Governor Ralph Northram proves that Dems are just as racist." In fact, I've never heard Warren referred to as a racist so much as a liar and a rich freeloader.

Another point can be made about this reference to Both Sides imbeciles. There was a time around 10 or so years ago when Mark Shea proudly wore the garb of both-sides-are-awful pretty consistently. I think he had a broader base of respect at that time. At least he had more respect from me, most of my online friends, and commenters on this blog in particular.

Last note: An effective way which Mark Shea has found to completely destroy his credibility is by hurling, uh, colorful metaphors continually, showing his hatred for those whom he criticizes. In this post we have "Cult Leader and his larval douchebag son", and of course the always popular slur Christianists for co-religionists who disagree with him on public policy. It might be a good idea to collect all these terms and have a Year in Review issue of the Mark Shea Chronicles to list all the colorful insults. We may not even need to wait a whole year to get a plentiful harvest.


  1. Hey there, can we have a “Mary Pezzulo Chronicles” as well?


    1. Her snarky style and laughable content is pretty irritating, I'll admit, but she's small beer. How many books has she written? Shea has written about 10 books, and has been published in many other compilation books. He's got another two coming out; one is about the Creed and one is fiction which no one will read. He wrote for National Catholic Register, he's been on EWTN, he gets interviewed on Catholic radio, he's debated Michael Voris, etc.

      MP's audience is miniscule comparatively. Also she's sort of poor -- at least she claims to be, and Patheos is basically a sweatshop, so she begs for money on her site to make ends meet. I don't want to go off on her. It's too much like punching down.

  2. Wow! "Larval douchebag son." That's a new all time low in Christian witness of loving your enemies and praying for those who despitefully use you.

    1. I know!! The "larval" adjective is an especially lovely touch, isn't it?

      But seriously...this is but the tip of the Sheavian iceberg.

      When people who **share his political views** gently and charitably remind Mark of the Gospel mandate to love one's enemies, he *savages* them, accusing them of defending all sorts of evils and depradations. I can give you recent examples. It is surreal. And sad. And SICK.