Monday, December 16, 2019

Why should President Trump be impeached?

This should clear things up.

I would add that, like, the economy is really good, but, like, poor people and refugees, so like, impeach or whatever. Pence also, et cetera.


  1. We're too stupid to survive.

    Some here will remember that I was a Never Trumper back in the salad days of 2016. That was because I didn't trust him to govern as a conservative.

    But dang if he hasn't governed really well as a conservative, better than many. So he has now earned my trust. Add to that the behavior of the Democrats from day 1 through now (Russia collusion hoax, Kavanaugh, and now this impeachment fraud), all of which show that they are willing to use "any means necessary" to gain and retain power, and I now stand aside for no man with my Trump support.

    MAGA 2020, baby. And KAG to boot.

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    Ah, good to hear it, Pik.

    There's a great film from 1979 starring the late Peter Sellers, Being There, in one memorable scene of which Seller's character Chance/Chauncey Gardner tries to cope with some unpleasantness now well outside his former bubble by clicking his TV remote at it - except that the channel in his brave new real world, unlike that within his former TV-bounded cocoon, stubbornly refuses to change for him.

    Among the many other amazing things in this presidency of an unlikely man of the people we are also getting to see what happens when the ghost galaxy of mass Big Tech woke cancel culture collides with and tries to nullify its real world constitutional political counterpart: stubbornly, the channel refuses to change. There is no authoritarian Twitter or Facebook or Google magisterium to appeal to; there's only the Constitution.

    Which highlights another, more fundamentally instructive thing about the Trump presidency that handily escapes those like our mellifluous though ultimately midwit friend Rod Dreher: Trump isn't the right president because he's not the venal kleptocrat Hillary, he's the right president because he was duly chosen by the people according to the constitutional order (i.e., via the Electoral College rather than the mass "likes" of the popular vote).

    It is this and only this that defines the legitimate American president: the constitutional choice of the people. If they choose Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, God forbid, then she immediately becomes our true, correct, right, and fully legitimate president, no less or more so than Donald Trump, or Barack Obama, or George W. Bush.

    What makes things hard for the clerisy of Twitteristas, or those like Dreher or James Comey who deep down yearn for some "higher", equally authoritarian monarchical political order (which, magically, automatically holds them in high regard), is that the American constitutional order is precisely a defining element of that world-upending "liquid modernity" of Bauman's that Dreher prattles on about and impotently clicks his remote at to no avail.

    In America, there is no "correct" or "legitimate" president, Democrat or Republican or Socialist, prior to that whom the people duly choose according to the Constitution. They, and only they, define correct and legitimate every four years.

    This is the scary, vast new world of collective, personal individual responsibility outside the comfortable historical confines of the old man's house: in America, the President the people choose is always the best one, by definition.

  4. Keith, you nailed the underlying and, I believe, true issue behind this impeachment fraud.

    To the extent I listened to the parade of harpies and eunuchs "testifying" in the House hearings, my take is that real conflict was between the President's instructions and the True policy of the United States as defined by the brave and self-sacrificing Career Diplomats -- better yet if they had a PhD and a British accent like Saint Dr. Hill (to whom the Drehers and other media wannabes are especially attracted). In other words, the voters elected the wrong president, one who dares set policy contrary to the bureaucracy, and that cannot stand.

    The Deep State may indeed be a conspiracy theory, but when you've got the State Department, FBI, and Justice Department, along with a CIA "whistleblower", working hand-in-glove, you gotta say it's at least quacking like a duck.

    P.S. On the underlying "fact" of what Trump was hinting at the Ukes to do, my response is "so what if he did." Why is it not legitimate to encourage a foreign country to investigate actual bribery of a US vice president, particularly if we've sent $Bs to that country that have gone missing in the past? Running for office shouldn't confer immunity from investigation....

  5. Of course all that's true, Pik, but more generally and simply, although the fey folk like Andrew Sullivan and Rod Dreher like to pronounce upon whether Trump (or any President) is "fit" or "unfit" for office depending upon the quiver in their bowel and their mood of the day, in point of fact it is solely the people of the U.S. through their Electoral College who make that determination, subsequent explicitly clinical medical failures notwithstanding.

    A duly elected President can stand at the podium at the U.N. and pick and eat boogers out of his nose while farting out "God Bless America" in two-part, syncopated harmony (a skill unto itself) and he is and remains "fit" for his office solely because of those political bona fides, unqualified by anything else at all.

    This is what separates us from Lichtenstein and from foppish pretenders like Sullivan and Dreher.

    And while I'm here let me offer a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, Pauli, Diane, and all of the rest of the EQE community.