Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Library On Google

This is pretty cool. I had a horrible cold last weekend, so I spent a lot of time entering books into Google's library database feature. What's neat is that some of the newer books are searchable, so if I remember reading something but I'm not sure which book it's in... presto! I can Google my own "dead tree" library!

I've only got it partially entered. My estimate is that my wife and I own maybe 700 or 800 books. Probably by year-end I'll have it completely loaded. I'm not going to post my comic book collection; if I did Bubba might break into my house to steal them.

This would be a great tool for small school or church libraries especially since it's free to the user to create a library. You just do a search on author or title, or you can enter the ISBN number. I did find that not all ISBN numbers are entered and there were a few books which I couldn't find, about 3 out of 284. Those were all from very small publishing companies, however.


  1. That is a cool program. I started my own library here, although there a couple of books listed that I think I either lost or loaned out and never got back. I'm also surprised on how many books on Catholicism I've read.

    Odd that Slouching Towards Gomorrah by Robert Bork isn't in the database.

  2. Big list. Laura Ingram is on The World Over on EWTN. It was a good interview. You should listen if you can.

  3. Roger, wow, you're right. I'm going to look into this, see if the pub. co.'s entire line-up is missing or just that book.