Monday, September 24, 2007

Sue You Like a Hurricane

Jonah's article on Dan Rather's $70 million lawsuit against CBS is a must-read. Excerpt:

Rather used to compare his job to “a very high trapeze act, frequently with no net.” Three years ago, he went splat in the bull’s-eye of the center ring. Now, with the circus long since out of town, he all of a sudden wants a net rolled out.

But you know what? I say, “You go, Dan!”

Frankly, we need this. And by “we,” I mean a grand coalition of people who delight in watching one of the 20th century’s most pompous gasbags fall from the top of the laughingstock tree and hit every branch on the way down. These are dour times, and if Gunga Dan and Hurricane Dan and What’s-The-Frequency-Kenneth Dan want to trade their Afghan robes, yellow windbreakers and enormous tinfoil hats for some baggy pants, bright-orange wigs and floppy shoes, I say let them. I just hope all of the Dans show up at the courthouse in a teensy-weensy clown car.

Jonah's right; Rather suing CBS is a win-win for conservatives, sensibility and a room full of lawyers. I doubt "The Dan" will be able to take the mega-corp down; besides, another millionaire news anchor is currently giving Rather a run for his money at that task via her abysmally low ratings.

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