Thursday, January 17, 2008

Catholic League to McCain and Huckabee: "Give up the bigot buddies."

Yeah, well, the CL is right. I guess this Hagee guy has the Chick tract narrative on the Church down pat.

When will these guys give up these kooks? I guess Obama's preacher is an Afrocentrist who has said some crazy things on the other side of the wacky pack.


  1. one can only marvel at the sublime artistry of the wacky pack (I really want to say "le wacky pack").

  2. I remember the Wacky Packs. Pauli, you sure have a way of digging up stuff from my childhood that I hadn't thought of in years. :-)

    More on topic...even though I'm not Catholic, I hate bigotry towards the Catholic church. I really cringe when people I've know who were perfectly nice in other ways would go on about "Romanists" and claim that the RCC is the "Whore of Babylon".