Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mitt Romney: Crunchy Conservative


Would-be-president Mitt Romney starts every morning with a bowl of granola with oats, honey, sesame seeds and almonds. Every other morning he jogs three miles. "And then at the end of the day," Romney tells Jay Leno on tonight's "Tonight Show" on NBC, "just to really relax, I take off a dark suit like this and put on a light one."

I read this another piece in People, I think, in the dentist's office the other day about what one single "rabbit's foot" item each of the major candidates carries around with them. Most of them seemed to be made up (Huckabee has a Bible, natch, because he was a preacher, John McCain has a wrist-band from a soldier killed in the War on Terror since he's a veteran, Hillary has her cell phone since she's a woman and has to chat with her friends, etc.) although they probably were actual items reported by the campaigns.

Romney's was the most curious: a Dora the Explorer cereal bowl to remind him of his 11 grand-children. I don't think it mentioned what kind of cereal it was, however. The Romney team probably hadn't done the calculation yet on whether to let the word out that Romney was a Crunchy Conservative.


  1. pauli you are forgetting that there is a hierarchy of crunch factors. there is nothing crunchy about a Dora cereal bowl. the granola therein, yes. the bowl, no. a bowl carved from a single stump of wood finely sanded down by romney's mormon forebears on the other hand...

    i think you need a review.

  2. Kathleen, you caught me. You're such a stickler.

    Can Mormon's even be crunchy? they can't enjoy Beaujolais or even iced tea out on the veranda.

  3. You easterners know so little about Mormonism. They enjoy iced tea and Blowjolais on the veranda when they are alone and out of sight of the brethren.

    The Dora bowl is an attempt to appeal to family oriented Hispanic voters.

    If he would have said he used a Little Bear or Blues Clues bowl I would have been more inclined to believe him.