Friday, February 29, 2008

Only Andrew Sullivan is surprised about this

Big thanks to Bubba for this gem about Andrew Sullivan's readership.

Andy, your 54.6% liberal audience (and just between you and me, some of those self-identifying moderates are likely operationally liberal) is not a function of your Obama love, which borders on worship. Your liberal audience and your Obama love are both symptomatic of the fact that — despite your self-identification as a conservative — your writing appeals primarily to the left.

Oddly enough, someone who considered voting for Al Gore in 2000, endorsed John Kerry in 2004 and is admittedly in the throes of a mancrush on the candidate who is the most liberal member of the Senate is not seen by most people as conservative. Throw in the anti-Bush hysteria that has been a staple of your blog since Pres. Bush decided to support the Federal Marriage Amendment (pure coincidence, of course), and you end up with a disproportionately left-liberal audience. You are Keith Olbermann with an accent.

I have to hand it to Sullivan for admitting this about who reads him. Of course, he still labors under the delusion that he's a conservative, but as many point out, he's on a lot of medication.

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