Friday, February 22, 2008

Perfunction on Obama

Over at Perfunction, blogger Cuffy Meigs has two great recent posts on Obama. The first regarding the "Obama bubble" is very insightful, and the second is just plain funny. I include the excellent mock motivational poster here.


  1. Couple questions:

    Would you please consider posting the HH interview with JG?

    Have you considered how Mrs. Obama might torpedo her husband?

    Have you considered how she might get back in good standing after comments?

    In the second hour of the HH JG discussion they play clips from Mrs O which are chilling. Worth your consideration.

  2. Cube, I heard those comments 3 or so days ago on Hewitt. They made me shudder. "Our souls are broken...."

    Regarding MO as a "torpedo": others are remarking on this. A commenter over at hotair calls her the "gift that keeps on giving". As embarrassing as Teresa Heinz and much much scarier. I'm waiting for a power fist photo to slip out.

  3. Listen to about the first 20 minutes of Hour 2 of the JG interview. When she talks about how Obama is going to "require" certain things of his followers. Clinton doesn't scare me as much because she doesn't use that kind of language. This is hardcore totalitarian language. Very very scary.

  4. I posted the interviews -- thanks for sending the link last night.

  5. And JG is doing the whole hour on Glenn Beck tonight - 7PM on Headline News, 9pm for the repeat.