Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Poem Etc

I'm not much into poetry. Good poetry, maybe, but the truth is most poetry sucks. But here's one that I just found which kind of tickled me. It's from a 1991 student publication from SRU called "Ginger Hill".

Fred P. Hoffman

I gave some,
From a few there came nothing,
But most managed a bit.
And though I pledged more than usual,
More than I can even afford,
Some hated me for giving too much,
Others for not giving enough.
To all these appreciations
Politely I smilingly reply,
"You're welcome."

This reminded me of some "riddles" directed to my bro-in-law from some pan-handling street dwellers in NYC back in the late 80s.

Q: What's the greatest city in the world?
A: Generosity.

Q: What's the greatest nation in the world?
A: Donation.

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