Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Clear, Concise and Thoughtful Answer

Over on the Catholic Answer forum, a question is asked:

Although the Pope is opposed to the war in Iraq, what is its position on supporting our troops? Isn't it possible to be in support of the men and women of our military regardless of one's position on the war itself? Would it be against the Church to have a soldier ready to be deployed in Iraq soon, visit a Catholic Middle School class to answer questions?

Father Vincent Serpa provides a good and short answer:

Although Pope John Paul was personally opposed to the war in Iraq, the Church has no official position on it. It is certainly praiseworthy to support fellow citizens who are willing to risk their lives for what they believe is the protection of others from the evils of terrorism. The Church encourages all selfless concern for others. Children need to be exposed to such selflessness.

The priesthood is, of course, another example of a selfless profession.


  1. We shouldn't demonize soldiers, but I don't think it's a good idea to idealize them, either. I live in a military town, and I wouldn't exactly say I'm surrounded by selfless people. There are, in fact, certain rampant vices that seem endemic in a military setting...

  2. No one lives up perfectly to their ideals. You would obviously have to pick the correct person to talk to the kids.