Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Great comment thread over at Vox Nervosa

More inadvertant comedy from big Catholic Obama supporter, Morning's Minion. Come join the pile-on.

Even if you can't bear to comment on a topic that's as old and stale as Arnold's Hummer joke, the comment thread is a great read. It's also more evidence of why Vox Nervosa can only be taken seriously about 3% of the time. I don't know why Mr. Minion doesn't just tape a kick me sign to his back.
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  1. I think I just made it worse.

    Watch how Iafrate:

    1.) Doesn't get my "joke" (which I don't think was terribly subtle).

    2.) Continues to respond to my joke even after I explicitly said it was a joke.


    As I said, it's good to see these guys are capable of righteous judgement about something...

  2. Oh, boy...another self-righteous goofball rants against SUVs.

    We used to have an SUV...a Jeep Grand Cherokee. My Dad bought it a couple of years before he died. He planned on doing some traveling in his retirement. SUVs are good for traveling and hauling things. He had no idea he would get cancer. He didn't get to do much of that traveling.

    We kept the Jeep for a long time after he passed away. Eventually, we traded it in for my current (non-SUV) car. One thing about the Jeep was that it was easy for my Mom to get in and out of (she broke her hip about ten years ago).

    I guess my point is that people have all kind of reasons for choosing and liking these cars. And they have every right to do so, despite what some granola type thinks. The fact that they always assume some nefarious reason for people owning SUVs says more about them than it does about SUV owners.

  3. My favorite aspect of the commentary is the concept of "passenger-miles per gallon", brought up by commenter Ben. I don't have an SUV, but I have a Sienna minivan which probably gets 21-24 MPG. But hey, I got six people in the van. So thats around 130-140 passenger miles to the gallon, right?

    Of course, that is scoffed at my the vox nervosa denizens who think their fecundity cred is under assault.

    Yeah, John, Iafrate is always good for a laugh. He's a modern day Pharisee for sure.