Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well Yeah

Of course, I already know this.

Voice over IP rollouts, PC refreshes in certain vertical industries, and point-of-sale installations remain IT project bright spots even as the world continues to be mired in a recession. That’s according to SmartSource, an IT staffing firm that specializes in serving IT solution providers.

While pointing to IT projects that continue to show growth, SmartSource’s CEO Joe Iovinelli says that the recession has been a boon for his company. As IT solution providers lay off full-time employees, they have made use of temporary workers to fill the holes as they sign on for IT projects, such as big PC rollouts, he says.


Iovinelli says he’s noticed a particular increase in demand for IT temporary services over the last six months.

“I think a lot of firms have been doing layoffs and cutbacks,” he says. “They’ve cut so deep, and still they are afraid of bringing full-timers on. They are needing to use subcontractors to get the work done because customers are starting to call again.”

...but when I tell people they give me that "Yeah, right" look. It doesn't fit in with the whiny all-IT-jobs-are-going-overseas meme. But it's not the most annoying thing I tell professionals in my industry. The single worst reaction I ever got was when someone told me they weren't making enough money in IT and I said "Maybe you should go get a law degree." I don't think that dude ever brought up the subject with me again. Or any other subject, for that matter.

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