Thursday, September 3, 2009

History Lessons

Lisa Fabrizio's devastating article on modern day liberals and their ironic and absurd worship of the Kennedys.

For, while liberals love to cite history, they have a convenient way of forgetting it; especially when it comes to our 'royal family.' It was King John who submerged this country into the Viet Nam War because of his hatred for Communism and who was an enthusiastic tax cutter. And it was his younger sibling, Prince Robert, who wire-tapped Martin Luther King and also famously hounded and prosecuted organized labor thugs. Add to this that JFK was assassinated by a pathetic Communist sympathizer and RFK was gunned down by a PLO supporter because of his support for Israel and you get the picture.

And yet in later years, dauphin-by-default Teddy and his friends cling to Communist regimes, carry big labor in their back pockets, and think anyone who favors tax cuts should be dispatched immediately to hell. And here we must also mention 'last brother' Obama, whose buddy Bill Ayers, dedicated his Marxist manifesto, "Prairie Fire," to Sirhan Sirhan whom Ayers considered, along with others, a "political prisoner." Needless to say, support for Israel among the last few Kennedy brothers has been, shall we say, scant.

Ms. Fabrizio's writing is, well, I think I'll call her Ms. Fab for short. Dauphin-by default... love it! Read the whole article, there are lots of good zingers in there.

I checked out the Sirhan Sirhan dedication in Ayers's book in the link. That is true; you can see his name there, but it's in a long list of political prisoners. The media is never going to bring that up, but we will. Zombietime has detailed source material here.

And it was another ironic twist of Kennedy history that served to benefit the country in a way not intended by the late senator. We all remember his successful bid to ruin the reputation of Robert Bork; an infamy he would have surely repeated during the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings, were he not hamstrung by his own involvement with nephew William Kennedy Smith's rape trial.

As far as I am concerned, we will never probably be done sorting through all the slime oozing from the decaying corpse of Camelot. I'm making sure to do my best to supplement the mainstream media kid glove treatment of the failed experiment in American royalty.

Figure 1: Detail of William Ayers's dedication in Prairie Fire

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