Monday, April 26, 2010

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Everybody go here and sign up to receive ACT! for America's free newsletter. It will be a good first step.

This stuff is the final straw, for me.

Someone asked me recently if I had ever thought of starting a local chapter of the Chesterton Society in Northeast Ohio. I hadn't; now reflecting on it I know my reason―it's too late. Soon we will not be able to read The Flying Inn, then the rest of his titles will go on the bonfire lit for material that is not culturally sensitive enough, unless it is written by Muslims calling for the killing of Jews and infidels. Because that's what a lot of them seem to be all about―killing people.

It will be because we did not stop Islamic extremists before they threatened us, killed us, intimidated us, bullied us―basically did to us all the things that every other religion teaches against. And we gave them a freaking invitation to do it. And we were sitting around arguing about how to split the latest intellectual hair. Or we were listening to Bill Clinton scare us about the Tea Party movement, as I mentioned earlier.

So now I'm thinking of starting a local chapter of ACT! for America. I'll let someone else with more optimism start the intellectual stuff. It's time for action. It's time we start looking at what is going on around us, how these people just get their way like they are "Protected from on high by the Prince of Darkness himself," to borrow a line from Usual Suspects, and band together to fight back. Comedy Central, you are the real "Islamaphobes" because you are scared of these scumbags.


  1. I find it ridiculous that the South Park article calls Muslim fanatics "fringe." I doubt our armed forces fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan would call them "fringe." I doubt those who lost loved ones on 9/11 would call them "fringe." I doubt those who have had loved ones beheaded or killed by machete or whatever these animals do would call them "fringe." Is the Times whistling past the graveyard, or just have its head stuck up its own posterior?

    I wish ACT! for America had some sort of examples of their work that one could read before signing up.

  2. Barb, there's a lot of youtube videos you can watch. Plus I can forward you samples of the newsletter emails I get if you want. Usually it will just link to pertinent news and commentary articles in National Review, Fox News, BigGovernment -- you know, the "good guys" on this issue. If you don't like it, there is a "discontinue" link at the bottom of every email.